Introducing Binchotan & Kontex

As most of our friends know, we are big fans of Japanese design. We have been stocking the incredible Futagami range of brass tableware for years now, and [...]

Antonio Wan X Douglas and Bec

We are so happy to announce the arrival of a new product! This beautiful wee mirror is by Antonio Wan, and came out of a mentorship Bec did [...]

Introducing Jujumade

Arriving soon in our stores and online are a selection of gorgeous ceramic jewellery by US-based Juliana Hung, aka Jujumade. The brand grew from Juliana posting one-off pieces [...]

Wary Meyers candles arrive online and in our stores!

We are so very happy to have found Wary Meyers! Their candles not only smell luscious but come in some of the most beautiful packaging we here at [...]

Introducing Futagami

Futagami has been making bronze, brass and tin products since 1897 in the town of Takaoka, a town that has traditionally supplied most of the bells and other [...]

all grown up

The all circle coffee table that we all know and love, now has a stunning grown up sister called the all-circle dining table. Made in Auckland by Douglas [...]

Debbie Carlos

Everyone loves cool photos and everyone loves cool people. Debbie Carlos collides all of these things together and the result is really quite something. And she has a [...]

a candle to you

Now that it’s dark before you even contemplate what to make for dinner, we here at Douglas and Bec think its nigh time to crack out the candles. [...]

Je t’aime Katie Lockhart

There must be something in the water, as there is just so many amazingly talented people around! The one who shines the brightest is definately Katie Lockhart. Her [...]

Leggy blonde

There’s no doubt that winter is fast upon us here in the antipodes, as I rummage in the back of the closet for those long-neglected winter coats and¬†scarfs. [...]

The Travel Almanac

I have a secret that you can’t let my husband know, I find Willem Dafoe very handsome. When I opened the latest delivery from my new favourite magazine [...]


When searching for inspiration I have my go-to blogs and go-to design houses mostly they are located in northern hemisphere. Normally it all becomes a bit much, I [...]